Monday, April 17, 2017

Forgotten Decisive Victories

Written by the faculty of the Department of Military History, US Army Command and General Staff College, this anthology is a collection of essays on forgotten decisive battles in history, each of which examines a battle that, in its time, altered the strategic balance between the belligerents in a lasting way. Although many of the battles described herein are less well known today even among scholars, their impact on the lives of the people, armies, and states involved ranged from significant (the Somme) to existential (Pusan Perimeter). The factors influencing the sequence & outcome of each battle are of course unique to each circumstance. It is applicable equally to the military professional, the interested layman, and the student of humanity. All seek better to understand the drivers of human conflict. The study of such conflicts from a wide swath of human history offers the best way to understand those drivers of conflict and thus offers us a chance to mitigate their influence on our world.

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